Studebaker Brewing Co., founded in 2018, is comfortably established on the third floor of Tippecanoe Place amid rich paneling and over a century of history. The brewing company shares the building with Tippecanoe Place, but the casual atmosphere on the third floor is entirely different than the dining rooms below.

Beer names will have a familiar ring to car buffs and history lovers because the brews are named after Studebaker cars and wagons. Food choices pair well with the local beers: nibbles and appetizers like beer cheese and pretzel bites to Edwardian pork belly; jumbo baked potatoes with all the topping choices; brisket, tacos, and pulled pork are just some of the entrées.

Have a pint with your meal or take a growler home.

(574) 234-9077

620 W Washington St.
South Bend, IN 46601